Passion is energy: Feel the power that comes from focusing on what exites you.


Patricia proved to be an enormous support in a period of dissatifaction in my career. I was almost 5 years into my first job and reached that point of "is this it? Am I on the right path and am I truly realizing my dreams?" Although I only met with Patricia a few times, just by talking to her and the exercises she provided, she got me thinking of who I am, where I want to be and helped me be optimistic. I left every session fully energized and I could think clearly again. The whole process was an intense but very rewarding experience and I am sure that my next career move will be a good one thanks to Patricia.


   I had the immense pleasure and luck of getting assighed Patricia Heemskerk as a coach during my MBA studies at the Univeristy of St Gallen (HSG) ans subsequesntly worked with her ever since.

In the beginning, she made me realise wrong perceptions I had about myself for a long time, thereby opeing up a new avenue fot further realise my potential by, in a second step, assisting me in gradually changing towwards more constructive thinking and with it behaviour, which now forms the basis for ongoing success with respect to my career and personal life.

While going through this life changing experience, both professional as well as personal, Patricia showcased her superior coaching expertise paired with a refined intuition and a remarkable sense of humour. I highly appreciate and recommend Patricia as a coach in view of our excellent and close collaboration.


" The sessions with Patricia were among my personal highlights of the MBA program. In just a few sessions, she achieved what I thought would be impossible for any coach to achieve. She opened my eyes in many ways: Made me re-discover who I am both in rationally and emotionally. Helped me develop a solid understanding of what made me who I am now. Finally she helped me identifying my values. For me, the sessions with Patricia were like planting a seed in my mind: They keep making me reflect and work on myself in a positive way.

Her gentle and highly professional coaching style were a very good fit to me and I am thankful for Patricia being my coach. I can warmly recommend Patricia to everyone who is sincerely interested in working on his or her personal and professional development path. "


After my coaching session, I was finally not only promoted but also positioned to create and lead a new area focused on making a link between R&D and architects. This is what I had, through my conversations, identified and envison for me as a next career step and I am happy to see that is has finally materialized. I want to thank you, Patricia, for your guidance in my career. My success today is partly thanks to you!