Career Coaching


Do you recognize this?

 From time to time you evaluate your career. For example during your holidays, when you have the time to consider if you are still happy with the things you do. Daydreaming about the things you really want, a next career step, starting your own company, changing discipline, industry or country. What holds you back from realizing your dreams? Or are you a student and don't you know where to start your career, what job will fit you best.

Are you wondering if you are more a content professional  or if you have leadership potential. How are you going to find out and if you found the answer, how to realize the next steps. Will you stay in the company you currently are, where they know you and where you know the industry. Or is this the moment to make a change? Are you curious about what is going on in other companies?

Career coaching will help you out:

All these questions and a lot more can be discussed during career coaching within Chanse. During the coaching sessions are you nto the driverseat. You bring in the subjects you and together we make a plan.

We set goals, we look what your strenghs and weaknesses are and how you can develop them. We look at what or who can help you to reach your goals. Therefore all sessions are tailored to your needs and questions.


The outcome is a concrete plan which  enables you to work on independently and with the speed that fits your timetable after the coaching.

Career Coaching can include a target company list and feedback on application material as well.

During the first session we set the goals for the coaching and make an estimation how many sessions we will have.

Personal Coaching


Do you recognize this?

Sometimes we have the feeling that we are not going in the direction in life we want to go. Things are not going the way they use to go. We feel bored with the things we do, we miss the challenge in life or in our job. Or we recognize that we got stuck in certain patterns which makes us less effective are even block us to grow further.

Personal coaching will help you out:

Personal coaching can help you to develop further and make you more effective in your private and working life.

During this coaching we will have a look what is blocking your development or what you want to change. We work on your strong points and developed new behaviour and believes. In between the coaching session you practise the effect of your new behaviour and you evaluate in the next session.


After the coaching you are more aware of  the impact of your behaviour,

you developed your competences, 

you optimalized your impact.