Chanse GmbH




Chanse is specialized in coaching on impactfull self presentation. Showing the best version of yourself  in your c.v., on your LinkedIn profile and in business /private life form presentations, to interviews. Besides that we are experts in Personal and Career coaching.

We let people grow and develop their talents, support them in realising their dreams and goals.

Everything we do is based on positive thinking;  you can take responsibility for your own life and success, it will guide you to be the best version of yourself.

It makes you happy when you find your passion and goal in life, to plan the steps for further development in order to reach your goal. Supporting you in getting to know your qualities and competence, how you have most impact and success.

We love to let you shine with all unique qualities you have.

Chanse is based in Switzerland. Coaching can take place face to face as well as online via skype in English, German and Dutch.

Career coaching:

Do you have a question about your career? If your current position still fits or do you want to make a change, do something different? Do you need a clear picture about your core competences, what jobs, industries and companies fit your profile?

During the coaching session, we work on these subjects, resulting in an overview of your passion, what you are good at, what further to develop and where you can find your next job.

Personal coaching:

Do you want to develop yourself on competences, or do you recognize certain patterns in your behaviour you would like to change? Do you want to come more effective? Or any other development point you can think of, can be subject of coaching. Tailor made and based on your goals.

Personal Branding:

As an image coach, I analyse which colours fits you best and how you can use them to have more impact in private and business meetings. How do you better come across and how your outside reflects your inside. Bringing the inside out. By using the colours that fit to who you are and what you stand for, will give you confidence and let you feel comfortable. 

Do you want to have a Personal Branding workshop with a group of friends, give me a call.


For groups, I offer the following workshops:

Professional application material

During this workshop, you learn how you prepare professional application material on and offline. I will explain you how to adjust your material to the interest of the recruiter. You will get feedback on your c.v. and tips which you can use directly. With professional application material, you will raise the number of job interviews and will get that your new job quicker.

How do I convince my interviewer?

During this workshop, you learn how to prepare better for an job interview. You get tips how to present yourself in job interviews. What are the do and don'ts and we will practise some interview questions. In this way, you better know what to answer and you will feel confident during the interview.